Choose from a list of treatments, enhancements, & packages. 

Signature Massage

A classic Swedish massage designed to relax the body, relieve minor aches and pains, 

and improve blood circulation.       

30 minutes, $50 

60 minutes, $90

90 minutes, $120

120 minutes, $150


Deep Tissue Massage

Help alleviate chronic tension, stiffness and soreness through deep pressure and sports 

massage techniques.

30 minutes, $60

60 minutes, $100

90 minutes, $130

120 minutes, $160


Therapeutic Massage

When Deep Tissue just isnʼt enough our Therapeutic Massage goes the extra mile with 

the use of arnica oil, hot towels and stones, and finishes with Biofreeze, providing relief from your aches and pains.

30 minutes, $65

60 minutes, $110

90 minutes, $140

120 minutes, $170


Prenatal Massage

A relaxing massage designed to focus on specific areas of discomfort associated with pregnancy. 

*Must be past first trimester

30 minutes, $50

60 minutes, $90

90 minutes, $120


Hot Stone Massage

The heat from the stones improves circulation, heals tissue, and helps penetrate the 

inner muscles, leaving you with the ultimate level of relaxation and healing. 

90 minutes, $140



Massage Enhancements



Choose from an array of scents designed to either calm, replenish or stimulate the body.



Hot Stone Enhancement

Enrich your massage by adding hot stones your neck and back.



Foot Reflexology

Relieve sore, tired feet with a 30 minute treatment focusing on reflex points improving  the entire body. 



Foot Treatment

 Start with some warm towels wrapped around your feet, followed by a foot scrub, mask and finishing with warm booties.



Pampered Reflexology Treatment

Along with your reflexology treatment, enjoy a foot scrub, mask and warm booties.






Signature Package

50 Minute Signature Massage 

50 Minute Signature Facial 

100 minutes, $160


Deluxe Package

90 Minute Signature Massage

80 Minute Deluxe Facial

170 minutes, $220


Relax Package

60 Minute Signature Massage

Pampered Reflexology Treatment

30 Minute Signature Massage

120 minutes, $200


Replenish Package

Signature Back Treatment

30 Minute Express Facial

30 Minute Express Facial

120 minutes, $180


Upgrade any Signature Massage to a Deep Tissue for an additional $10