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spray tanning


Rapid Dry Spray Tanning

If you do not have time to wait the 8-10 hours to shower after your spray tan, this is a perfect option for you. With the rapid dry spray tan, you can shower within a 30 minutes to 3 hours of application. The tanner will continue to darken over the course of 8-10 hours as the regular spray tan does, but you do not have any of the down time!

The more tans you buy, the more you save on each tan


One (1) Tan



Three (3) Tans



Six (6) Tans



Twelve (12) Tans


Spray Tan Preparation and Maintenance


Before Care

For best results shower and exfoliate the same day as your spray tan. Do not wear any lotions, oils, or powders on your body or face. Do not wear makeup.


After Care

Wait a minimum of 8 hours before showering after your spray tan. The longer you wait to shower, the longer your tan will last. You can use your regular body wash to cleanse. Avoid exfoliating for 7-10 days.  When you see your tan fading, exfoliate to get rid of the remaining tan on your skin.


What to Wear

Please wear or bring loose fitting, dark clothing to leave in after your spray tan appointment. Clothing is optional, but do remember that wherever your have clothing on, this will leave a distinct tan line.  Bring a dark bathing suit or undergarments and flip-flops or sandals to your appointment.


If tanning solution rubs off on your clothing, do not worry as it does wash out.


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